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laser pointer simulator-X3


Laser pointer light X3 SIMULATED!We are introducing the X3 simulated laser pointer compatible with most Android devices from version 2.3
*** The laser pointer X3 is a game, not a real laser pointer, no laser light beam from your device will only create a simulation on the screen of your phone or tablet ***
You get ready for adventure, you be able to meet the four different laser pointers ?. It is not an easy challenge, but surely you can get.
With the simulator X3 laser pointer you can play with your friends into thinking that your phone is capable of launching a laser beam by the flash light to joke with them. Enjoy this fun application and the musical effects and play piano metal
There are four different X3 laser pointers, the first pointer is unlocked from the start and can make use of it from the first moment. Your mission is to get unlock the rest of apuntarores and for this you must to get the gold coins needed. But do not worry, theyre not real coins, the game is completely free and collect the coins is also free and have many ways of acquiring this incredible world simulator X3 laser pointer.
The most fun option for coins is fun playing game Candy Fruits X for each level you get beat the fabulous Candy Fruits will earn 15 gold coins that will accumulate in your purse. You can also earn coins entering the zone currencies. Coins from the area there are several ways to get coins, for example with reward watching videos or sharing the game to your favorite social network.
The more you accumulate a new laser pointer you will get. Each laser pointer is activated automatically to achieve the required coins, and once you have acquired the fourth laser pointer can choose to unlock the module flash light flashing.
Each laser pointer emits laser beams of different colors, the first is the green laser beam followed by red, purple and blue laser light and emits varied sound effects also can use the vibration mode. All laser pointers are designed with emulation titanium body with nickel plated finish like the piano keys with silver and gold, everyone surrounding the X-Laser is metal.
Play Fruits Candy X built for coins. The sweet fruits game is an addictive and fun world of fruit a hundred levels of increasing difficulty and challenges to overcome in each level. Combine fruit moving from right to left or up and down to match three or more fruits of the same type online. Fruits are angry and afraid because children no longer want to eat fruit, it is time for you to help release the fruit so that it will remove those faces again become bitter and sweet and cheerful. Orange is dizzy, apple angry, stunned banana, pear and melon angry surprised. Get special and super special by combining four or five fruits of the same fruits respectively. On some screens you will have to get a minimum number of points, in other fruits free bars and other currencies make off the screen star. When you get a special fruit fruits use it by combining it with their own kind to get rid complete vertical or horizontal line. Special super fruit can be combined with any fruit that is on your side of the screen to remove all fruits guy that have combined. Have fun and get a lot of coins each level to unlock a new laser pointer.
We also include playing the piano for you to play all your favorite songs and practice with this fabulous musical instrument that you can always use your phone or tablet with a spectacular design metal. The white keys are black silver and gold keys.